About Us

redSHIFT Inc. is a diverse corporation. Our strength lies in the companies we own and the values by which we do business. Our family of companies offer oil field and industrial supply, commercial cabinetry, industrial painting and blasting services, construction information services, and seed production of wholesale peas and green beans. Our holding company brings expertise gained during more than 18 years of managing and investing in companies. redSHIFT Inc. actively seeks out businesses that have valuable products or services that bring value to the market place. redSHIFT Inc. is committed to providing our companies with the resources needed to make each of them grow.

Our business approach is simple. redSHIFT Inc. holds everyone accountable for our success. We value hard work and smart thinking, and we recognize that success in all of our activities is related directly to the talents, dedication and performance of our employees throughout the family of companies. redSHIFT Inc. appreciates the rewards of providing good jobs and contributing to the communities in which we operate.

As a basic business tenet, redSHIFT Inc. does not accept that the status quo is right. Our way of doing business is to respond quickly to market conditions and our customers needs. Further, we recognize that successfully providing for the safety of every employee and customer and taking good care of the environment enhance both our business operations and the positive ways we contribute to communities where we do business.

Mission Statement

redSHIFT’s mission is to provide quality products and services which consistently meet our customer’s expectations. To manage our companies effectively to provide long term growth and stable work environments. To continue to grow through strategic acquisition in order to diversify and to provide superior financial results. To give back to the communities in which we operate.

“Business Expansion through Organic Growth and Strategic Acquisition”