When looking for potential acquisitions , redSHIFT Inc. proactively looks for private companies that are leaders in their industry.  The  company should include competent management with a proven long term record of profits.   Red Shift Inc. also seeks to work with companies that approach redSHIFT Inc. to assist in generational changes of ownership or to provide investment capital.

Types of Companies redSHIFT Looks to Acquire

We prefer companies that are market leaders with either a number one or strong number two market position in their respective markets or product areas.
Companies should have a strong ethic of focusing on customers, including fostering excellent customer relationships, and should provide superior customer service.

Companies should have proven long term record of profitability.

Companies should have highly paid management teams in place. Management skill and continuity are critical.


Management Philosophy

redSHIFT Inc. will assist businesses by leveraging the strengths of the redSHIFT Inc. organization.
redSHIFT Inc. buys companies for the long term, with a focus on expanding our platforms. We do not have a "portfolio" mentality.

“Business Expansion through Organic Growth and Strategic Acquisition”